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Studer - based in Switzerland

Founded in 1987, the company now claims to be a world leader in the field of inverter production, with over 100 distributers around the world.

The company also produce battery chargers and battery monitoring equipment.

Also available is a "Minigrid" system for powering a community with sharing of production and use between members.


STUDER INNOTEC SA Rue des Casernes 57

1950 Sion


Product Details

Inverters - A range of full sine wave inverter rated from 275 watts - 3.5Kw.

A range of combined Inverter/Chargers, with an inverter output ranging from 0.9 to 8Kw watts and a charger output from 20 to 120 amps.

A range of inverter chargers designed to allow upto 9 units to be connected together, giving power outputs of upto 72Kw.

Charge Controllers - A range of MPPT solar charge controllers capable of handling 65 or 80 amps.

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