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Fronius - based in Austria

Established in 1945, originally producing battery carger and welder transformers, the company branched out into Solar Electronics in 1995.

Together with a range of inverters, the company also make system monitoring equipment and battery chargers.

Together with the head office in Austria, the company has locations in Brasil, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and the USA.

In 2012, Fronius established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China.


Fronius International GmbH

Froniusplatz 1

A-4600 Wels

Product Details

Inverters - Range of grid tied sinewave inverters with outputs from 1.3 to 12kw using MPPT technology on the input.

Fronius also produce a range of grid tied inverters with outputs of 3.5 or 4.6kw comprising MPPT and two stage inverter section (when lower power is being produced, only one stage is used, increasing efficiency)

A range of large grid tied inverters with outputs of 36 - 100Kw

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