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Scheuten - based in Germany

Founded in the year 2000, as an offshoot of Schuten Glass, itself founded in 1950, Schuten opened a production facility in Germany in 2003, while 2008 say the openeing of a further facility in The Netherlands and one in Tiawan (as a joint venture with Ritek).

In 2010 the company had a production capacity of 200Mw, and offices in the USA, UK, France, Spain Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, and of course Germany.


Scheuten Solar Technology GmbH

Scheuten Solar Straße 2

D 45881 Gelsenkirchen


Product Details

Photovoltaicd Modules - A range of mono and pollycrystalline silicon solar panels/modules.

A range of solar Panels/modules designed for industrial scale systems.

A range of Building Integrated solar panels/modules.

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