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Vision - based in China

Founded in 1994, Vision Recheargable Products expanded rapidly, focusing on lead acid battery manufacturing, gaining some high profile customers on the way in telecommunications and atomic power stations.

Together with Shenzhen, the company also has a production facility in Vietnam, and has sales and service engineers operating in more than 100 counties across the world.


Center Power Industrial Park, Tongfu Industrial District Dapeng Town, 518120 Shenzhen, China

Product Details

Batteries - A range of Valve Regulated Lead Acid 2 volt cells with capacities of 100 to 3000 amp hrs, suitable for solar power systems, having a design life of greater than 15 years.

A range of 6 and 12 volt Deep Cycle Lead Acid batteries with capacities of 10 to 200 amp hrs designed for renewable energy systems and battery powered vehicles.

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