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KingLong New Energy Technology (KLNE) Information

KingLong New Energy Technology (KLNE) - based in China

Founded in 2009 as a China - USA joint venture, and with subsidiaries in Australia, Germany and Italy, Kinglong New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. (KLNE) have become one of the leading inverter manufacturers in China.

The company also has warehousing facilities in Australia, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Certifications include CE, VDE, TUV, ENEL, G83/G59, ETL, RoHS AS4777 AS 3100


3rd Floor Caihong South Building,

11 Xinxi Road,

Shang Di,

Haidian district,

Beijing .100085

People’s Republic of China

Product Details

Inverters - A range of grid-tied inverters using MPPT input technology with outputs of 1.5 to 5Kw intended for the domestic market.

A range fo grid tied inverters using MPPT input technology with outputs of 10 to 17 Kw intened small power station systems.

The company also sells a datalogger for use with it's inverters.

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