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Battery Energy - based in Australia

Describing themselves as Australia's leading gel battery manufacturer, Battery Energy, established in 1987, produce batteries for a variety of industrial purposes, including solar power, of gel and AGM design.

Battery Energy also produce battery chargers and battery monitorg equipment.


96 Fairfield Street


NSW 2165


Product Details

Batteries - A range of gel lead acid 2 volt cells designed for solar power installations with capacities of approximately 400 to 2000 amp hrs.

A range of 4,6, and 12 volt gel lead acid solar power batteries with capacities of 75 to 200 amp hrs.

A range of vented lead acid solar 2 volt cells designed to cope with at least 5000 cycles having capacities of 400 to 1100 amp hrs.

A 6 volt vented lead acid solar battery with a design life of at least 5000 cycles, having a capacity of 195 amp hrs.

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