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Genasun - based in USA

Founded in 2005 by a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers who wished to commercialise advances made in solar charge controlling and lithium battery energy storage, used in the MIT solar car.

Their products, many of marine grade, are used to power many of the worlds to racing boats.


Genasun LLC

1035 Cambridge St.

Suite 16B

Cambridge, MA 02141


Product Details

Charge Controllers - MPPT charge controllers handling 4 to 10.5 amps, for use with lead acid or custom batteries.

A range of MPPT charge controllers for use with Lithium batteries, handling 5 to 8 amps.

Some models are waterproof to marine standards.

Batteries - 12 volt lithium batteries with capacities of 200 or 360 amphrs.

24volt lighium batteries with capacities of 100 ro 180 amphrs.

The company also produce marine grade battery controllers, controlling lithium batteries at cell level.

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