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Schneider Electric - based in France

With it's roots going back to the 1836, Schneider Electric in the 21st century has developed it's energy management business, making a number of business aquisitions, including Xantrex of Canada in 2008.


Schneider Electric SA

35 rue Joseph Monier

92500 Rueil Malmaison - France

Product Details

Inverters - Range of off-grid/battery-backup inverters with outputs from 2500 W to 6kW

Range of grid-tie inverters with outputs from 2.8kW to 260kW using MPPT technology.

Range of commercial/utility grid-tie inverters with outputs from 521kW to 782kW and 600V or 1000V

Charge Controllers - A 60 or 80 amp MPPT charge controller for use with batteries for connections of PV arrays rated up to 600 V

Also offers a remote monitoring solution for all residential systems

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