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Outback - based in USA

Founded in 2001, Outback claim to be a leading designer and manufacturer of electronics for renewable power installations, with their products being in use throughout the world.


Outback Power Technologies

5917 195th St NE, #7

Arlington, WA 98223


Product Details

Inverters - Pure sinewave inverter/chargers with inverter outputs of 2,000 - 3,500 watts, charging at upto 85 amps, designed for various situations including marine.

An 8Kw inverter charger that can be installed as a parallel group of upto 10, giving an output or 80Kw.

A range of inverter chargers designed for mobile use, with outputs of 2 to 3.5Kw.

A range of grid-tied inverters with battery backup to provide power during power cuts - outputs of upto 3Kw and upto 69Kwh of power.

Charge Controllers - A 60 or 80 amp MPPT charge controller for use with batteries from 12 - 60 volts.

A sealed MPPT charge controller, not requiring a cooling fan, designed for harsh environments.

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