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Analytic Systems - based in Canada

Founded in 1976, the company's aim was to design and produce "high quality power conversion products for marine, military, rail, industrial and alternative power sources", offering their first full sinewave inverter in 1994.

Together with inverters and charge controllers, the company also manufacture battery chargers.

Analytic Systems ship their products across the world from their production facility in British Columbia.


8128 River Way

Delta BC V4G 1K5


Product Details

Inverters - Produce a wide renge of products including heavy duty equipment for military purposes.

Inverters include a light duty range of modified sinewave inverters with outputs from 300 - 2750 watts.

Light duty sinewave inverters from 150 - 3000 watts.

Heavy duty modified sinewave inverters with outputs from 300 - 600 watts.

Heavy duty sinewave inverters with outputs from 300 - 1,000 watts.

Industrial standard inverters with outputs from 30 - 5,000 watts.

Charge Controllers - An MPPT charge controller accepting input voltages of 20 to 220 volts and handling currents of up to 100 amps.

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