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Sharp - based in Japan

The giant company was founded in 1912 and later invented a mechanical pencil, which became known as the Ever Sharp Pencil, giving rise to the company's name.

during the 1920's, Sharp moved into electronics, with first ever radio set manufactured in Japan.

Sharp now employs approximately 60,000 people across the world and first became involved in solar power in 1959, selling their first pv panels for home use in 1994.

The company is believed to have a solar module production capacity of around 3Mw although in September 2012 it was being reported that Sharp was cutting back on it's solar power activites after the company made losses and saw it's share price fall substantially.

Product Details

Photovoltaicd Modules - Monocrystalline silicon panels/modules of upto 175 watts with an efficiency of upto 14.1%.

Polycrystalline silicon panels/modules of upto 162 watts with an efficiency of upto 12.4%.

Thin film silicon panels/modules of upto 90 watts with an efficiency of upto 8.5%, giving good outputs in high temperatures and lower light levels.

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