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Solectria Renewables - based in USA

Founded in 1989, Solectria then founded Solectria Renewables in 2005, based in Massechusetts and California.

Solectria Renewables, having been sold to Azure Dynamics, now claims to be "the leading U.S. based PV inverter, string combiner and web-based monitoring company for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar projects".


Solectria Renewables, LLC


360 Merrimack Street

Building 9, 2nd Floor

Lawrence, MA 01843 (USA)

Product Details

Inverters - Grid tied sinewave inverters using MPPT technology, with outputs of 1,950 to 5,300 watts.

A range of commercial inverters with outputs from 13 to 95Kw.

A range of utility scale inverters with outputs of 225 to 500Kw.

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