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Solarmax - based in Switzerland

Sputnik Engineering AG, who use the name Solarmax, is a medium sized company, founded in 1991 as a two man team, employing 330 in 2011, concentrating on inverter development and production. The company is based in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Neuhausen (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy) and Saint Priest (France). There are also offices in Brussels, Prague and London.

The company claims to have produced the first ever transformerless inverter in 1994.

Solarmax also produce data loging equipment for use with solar power systems.


Sputnik Engineering International AG

Höheweg 85

CH-2502 Biel/Bienne


Product Details

Inverters - A range of sinewave string inverters accepting a wide range of input voltages, with outputs of 1.8Kw - 15Kw.

A range of commercial inverters with outputs of 20Kw to 1.3Mw

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