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Blue Sky Energy - based in USA

The company began as RV Power Products in 1993, producing high quality power equipment for the Recreational Vehicle market. After seeing the popularity of their MPPT charge controllers, the company changed direction in 1998 to aim at the large solar power maket under the name Blue Sky Energy products, distributing across the globe.


Blue Sky Energy Inc

2598 Fortune Way, Suite K

Vista, CA 92081 USA

Product Details

Charge Controllers - A 12 volt 30 amp Pulse Width Modulation charge controller.

A range of MPPT charge controllers for 12, 24, or 48 volt batteries, handling currents upto 60 amps, including models that can be used in groups of upto 8 units, operating as one by communicating with each other.

A duo controller combining and MPPT solar controller with wind/hydro controller.

The company also produces a Current Booster Module, enabling a controller with a load control output to handle upto 70amps.

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