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Morningstar - based in USA

Based in Philadelphia, USA, Morningstar products are sold by over 160 authorised distributers in 73 countrys across the world, shipping 225,000 controllers in 2008.

The company claims to have been the worlds leading supplier of solar charge controllers since 2005.


Morningstar Corporation

8 Pheasant Run

Newtown, PA 18940 USA

Product Details

Inverters - A 300 watt full sinewave inverter with 12 volt input and 115 or 220 volts AC output.

Charge Controllers - A large range of PWM Charge controllers for 12/24/48 batteries, rated at 4.5 to 60 amps.

MPPT charge controllers for 12/24/48 volt batteries rated at 15, 45, or 60 amps.

Morningstar also produce remote monitoring equipment for solar installations.

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