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Santerno - based in Italy

Santerno, became part of the Carraro Group (which was founded in 1932) in 2006. It is based in Imola, Italy and is developing it's sales network, particularly in Spain and Germany, where it has a base, providing sales and technical assistance.


Elettronica Santerno S.P.A.


47- 40026 Imola (BO)


Product Details

Inverters - A range of grid tied solar inverters with a wide range of AC output power, from 2 - 665 kW.

Monophase inverters for up to 6kW, and three-phase inverters up to 665kW. Additionally, a wide range of accessories and turnkey solutions are available to our customers. Sunway Station provides the turnkey solution for plants connected to the MV distribution line, with up to 1,3MW in a prebuilt single concrete cabin.

Santerno also produces industrial grid tied inverters, single or 3 phase with outputs up to 700kW.

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