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Hoppecke - based in Germany

Established in Germany in 1927, Hoppecke have been specialising in the development and production of batteries for over 80 years and are now the largest European owned battery manufacturer. The company manufactures batteries for a wide range of uses, including solar.

Hoppecke have subsidiaries and representitives throughout the world, plus a battery assembly facility in China.

The company also makes battery chargers and complete power sytsems for a diverse range of situations.


HOPPECKE Batterien GmbH & Co. KG

Bontkirchener Str. 1

D-59929 Brilon


Product Details

Batteries - A large range of 2 volt OPzS and OPzV cells

6 or 12 volt OPzs and OPzV batteries.

A range of lead acid cells specifically optimised for off-grid solar power situations.

A range of Nickel Cadmium cells designed for renewable energy systems.

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