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Xantrex - based in Canada

Established in 1983, Xantrex has it's headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, with facilities in the USA, Spain, Germany, and a joint venture in Shanghai, China.

Production concentrates on electronic equipment for the renewable and mobile market, while distribution is world wide.

together with a range of inverters and charge controllers, the company also manufacture battery chargers and backup power systems.

Xantrex was aquired by Schneider Electric of France in 2008.

Canada Address:

3700 Gilmore Way

Burnaby, BC

Canada V5G 4M1

Product Details

Inverters - Several ranges of residential sinewave inverters including grid tied inverters, with outputs at 120 and 130 volts.

Several ranges of inverter chargers, sinewave and modified sinewave, with outputs up to 3Kw at 120 volts.

A range of commercial grid tied inverters for solar farm applicationns, including MPPT technology.

Charge Controllers - A choice of controllers for 12, 24, or 48 volts handling upto 60 amps.

Also an MPPT controller handling upto 60 amps

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