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Mitsubishi Electric Information

Mitsubishi Electric - based in Japan

The company was founded in 1921 and has heavy industry, automotive, and electical divisions.

The company started research work on photovoltaic technology in 1974, and starting production of residential pv panels in 1998.

Mitsubisi also claim to be world leader in inverter research and development, having started research in 1981 and going on to produce residential inverters in 1996.


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Tokyo Building, 2-7-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8310, Japan

Product Details

Inverters - A range of inverters with outputs of 2.9 to 6.0Kw, using MPPT input technology. The company also roduce a datalogger which can collect data from upto 30 inverters.

Photovoltaicd Modules - a range of monocrystalline panels/modules with outputs of 195 to 265 watts and efficiencies of 14.1 to 16%.

A range of polycrystalline panels/modules with outputs of 160 - 190 watts and module efficiency upto 13.7%

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