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Solar Fabrik - based in Germany

Founded in 1996, Solar Fabrik now has 3 production facilities. The third, opened early 2009, runs entirely on renewable energy, and is Europe's first CO2-neutral zero emissions manufacturing facility for solar modules.

Solar Fabriks panel manufacturing plant has an annual production capacity of 210Mw.

The company also produce inverters and system monitoring equipment.

Certifications include ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.


Solar-Fabrik AG

Munzinger Str. 10

79111 Freiburg


Product Details

Inverters - A range of full sinewave inverters with MPPT technology and outputs of 2,800 watts single phase - 9,200 watts 3 phase.

Photovoltaicd Modules - A range of polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon panels with outputs of 190 - 260 watts, including a range that can form part of a waterproof roofing ie, they can replace part of the roof as opposed to being mounted on it.

Panel efficiency is up to 15.5%.

Pro range of mono and polycrystalline panels with efficiencies of up to 16.1% and outputs of 190 to 260 watts.

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