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Enphase - based in USA

Enphase, founded in 2006 and based in northern California, have pioneered the principle of having a microinverter attached to each solar panel or module - in any sized array.

The invertrs also have the capacity to transmit data to a website, enabling the performance of each module to be monitored.

The company also produce a metering and management product for use with third party solar power systems.

In early 2011, the company claimed to have shipped more than 500,000 microinverters in North America and were opening offices in Europe to increase their global exposure.


Enphase Energy

201 1st Street Suite 111

Petaluma CA 94952


Product Details

Inverters - Enphase produce mppt microinverters (currently handling approximately 200W) intended for grid tied systems, with each panel or module having it's own inverter. The company claims the system increases reliability and efficiency while reducing costs and enabling easy system enlargement.

The microinverters are suitable for home and commercial use.

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