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Advanced Energy Industries Inc Information

Advanced Energy Industries Inc - based in USA

Advanced Energy Industries Inc, founded in 1981 and based in Colorado, produces power control equipment plus semiconductors and solar power products.

Together with the production of PV inverters, the company also produce products required by other areas of the solar power industry.

The company has offices and distribution facilities across the world, including Europe and Asia, with a production facility in China.

In March 2010, the company announced that they had signed an agreement to aquire PV Powered, the Oregon based producer of inverters.


Advanced Energy

1625 Sharp Point Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80525


Product Details

Inverters - The PV Powered range of string inverters for residential use with outputs of 2 to 5.2Kw

The Solaron range of commercial and utility scale inverters with output of upto 500Kw.

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