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17/04/20 Largest Solar Power Facility in Europe Comes Online

What is believed to be the largest solar power facility in Europe has just come online.
The Núñez de Balboa solar power plant in the region of Extremadura, western Spain, has 1.4 million photovoltaic panels and is capable of producing 500 megawatts of power.

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 17/04/20     Largest Solar Power Facility in Europe Comes Online
What is believed to be the largest solar power facility in Europe has just come online. The Núñez de Balboa solar po...More

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 02/12/17     Worlds Largest Lithium-ion Battery Completed in Australia
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 28/02/17     Australia Sees 58% Drop in Solar Costs
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 06/01/17     France Opens its First Stretch of Solar Road
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 03/12/16     Researchers in Isreal Expect to Improve PV Efficiency by 70% Using Optical Refridgeration
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 01/12/16     Worlds Largest Solar Power Facility Completed in India
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 01/11/16     Tesla Unveil Innovative Solar Roofing Tiles and Slates
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 23/08/16     Australian National University Take Thermal Solar Efficiency Record to 97%
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 22/07/16     Spot Prices of Solar Cells Lowest in History
According to a report out this week by Energy Trend (part of the TrendForce global provider of market intelligence, base...More

 19/08/15     Google Helps Predict How Much Sun Your Roof Gets
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 02/12/14     Worlds Largest Solar Power Plant Becomes Operational in California
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 23/05/14     Perovskites Cells go Lead Free
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 12/05/14     New Energy Technologies Inc. Claim Record for PV Output from See-through Glass
New Energy Technologies Inc. are claiming a record for the production of electricity from glass which remains see-throu...More

 21/04/14     Solar Frontier Claim Thin-Film PV World Record Efficiency
Solar Frontier, in joint research with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), earlier...More

 11/04/14     Panasonic Claim New Efficiency Record
Panasonic Corporation announced yesterdy that they had broken the efficiency record for a crystalline silicon based sola...More

 24/03/14     German Manufacturer Heliatek Claims Record for Transparent Cell
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 05/03/14     US Solar Installations UP by 41%
According to figures published by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association, the intallation of photovolt...More

 04/03/14     Swansea University Developing Ultra Thin Solar Cells
Researchers at Swansea University in Wales are working on the development of solar cells which will be 1/30th the thickn...More

 13/10/13     The first large-scale solar plant with storage system in the US begins operation
The Solana plant, covering 3 square miles of Arizona and producing enough power for 70,000 homes started commercial prod...More

 07/01/13     Germans Install Record Solar Power Capacity Inspite of Subsidy Cuts
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 24/09/12     Sharp Reported to be Cutting Back on It's Solar Power Activities.
It is being widely reported that Sharp is significantly cutting back on it's solar power activities as part of a restruc...More

 27/08/12     IBM Claim Record Thin Film PV Efficiency Using Earth-Abundant Materials
According to an article published by IBM Reaearch, the company have (together with Solar Frontier, Tokyo Ohka Kogyo (TOK...More

 30/04/12     MIT Reasearching New Non-reflective Self-cleaning Glass Surface
In a paper published this month by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a new type of glass s...More

 14/03/12     US Solar Installations Double in 2011
According to a report published by the Solar Energy Industries Association, installations of solar panels in the United ...More