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   How Does Solar Power Work - What do you Need?

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Do you need information on how you can use solar electrical power in your home? Do you need help planning your own installation?

Here we give you at least some of the answers and explain some of the options to be considered when installing and using a system.

The solar energy available at the earths surface is around 1020 Watts per square metre and up to 20% of this can be captured by photovoltaic panels

Systems can certainly be built that will provide all your electricity requirements, especially in counties receiving a good number of sunshine hours per year.
Once the system has been installed, the electricity generated can be considered to be almost free and environmentally friendly.

Solar panel

There are however a number of choices and decisions to be made in putting together your solar power system, large or small.

This site sets out to help others gain an understanding of what is required and why, using our own experience and research, here in sunny Spain. However we cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.

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