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Konarka - based in USA

Founded in 2001 by two internationally acclaimed scientists, Konarka Technologies developed a low temperature thin film manufacturing process enabling the production of a plastic flexible solar panel which they named Power Plastic.

Production of Power Plastic began in 2008 with a 1Gw capacity manufacturing facility in Massachusetts, USA, and the company also have a research facility in Nuremberg, Germany.

The company filed for bankruptcy protection in May 2012 and was reported to have been acquired by the German solar installation company, Belectric, later that year.


Konarka Technologies, Inc.

116 John Street

Lowell, MA 01852


Product Details

Photovoltaicd Modules - A range of flexible solar panel products named Power Plastic, which are semi transparent and can be coloured, for use in a variety situations included Building Integrated.

Power Plastic is available in widths of 340 or 676mm and has an efficiency of up to 9%.

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