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Johnson Controls - based in USA

Founded in 1885, Johnson Controls, a large automotive battery manufacturer in the USA, owns the Varta battery brand, claimed to be the strongest brand in Europe, and also available in Asia and South America.

The company also owns (amongst others) the LTH brand, an important brand in Mexico and Central America.

The original Varta company was founded in 1904, but now, Varta is only a brand, owned by Johnson Controls,


Johnson Controls, Inc.

5757 N. Green Bay Ave.

P.O. Box 591

Milwaukee, WI 53201

Product Details

Batteries - Under the Varta brand, a range of 6 and 12 volt batteries suitable for leisure use with capacities of upto 140 Ah, capable of coping with 60% discharge cycles.

Under the LTH brand, a range of batteries suitable for solar use.

Under the Optima brand, a 6 volt deep cycle battery with a 55Ah capacity and a range of 12 volt deep cycle batteries with capacities of 38 to 75 Ah.

The company also produce Lithium Ion batteries.

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