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Deka - based in USA

Founded in 1946, the company initially rebuilt old vehicle batteries (new materials for manufacturing batteries were scarce immediately after the war).

The company's factory now covers approximately 200Ha, building new batteries, recycling lead from returned batteries using their own lead smelter and refinery.

In 2006 the company took over the manufacturing operations of Voltmaster.


East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Deka Road

Lyon Station, PA 19536 USA

Product Details

Batteries - Several ranges of deep cycle lead acid cells and batteries digned for solar use:

A range of 2 volt Valve Regulated Gel cells using lead calcium plates, with capacities of approximately 100 to 1500Ah

A range of 12 volt Valve Regulated Gel batteries, using lead calcium plates, with capaciites of 30 to 225 Ah.

A range of 6 volt flooded batteries with capacities of 215 to 370 Ah.

A range of 2 volt flooded cells with approximate capacities of 14 to 18 Ah.

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