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Canadian Solar - based in Canada

Canadian Solar is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of ingots, wafers, cells, solar modules (panels) and custom-designed solar power applications.

Founded in 2001 in Canada, the company has since developed 7 manufacturing susidiaries in China, with a global workforce of approximately 4,000.

Manufacturing output of solar modules are sold in Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, and China, deployed in systes producing upto 15Mw.

Canadian Solar became NASDAQ Exchange listed in 2006 and is based in Ontario.

Headquarters Address:

650 Riverbend Drive, Suite B,

Kitchener, Ontario

Canada N2K 3S2

Product Details

Photovoltaicd Modules - Canadian Solar produce several ranges of panels using thin mono or poly crystalline cells, and having outputs upto 240 watts.

A range of monocrystalline panels with outputs of 255 to 265 watts and an efficiency of upto 16.47%.

A range of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) in sizes upto 2m x 3m, with power outputs of 55 to 115 watts/sq m.

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