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AERL - based in Australia

Australian Energy Research Laboratories Pty Ltd (AERL)was founded in 1985 with the aim of developing and commercialising the world’s first MPPT solar charge controller, which was launched 1986 and known as the Maximizer.

By 2006, the company had produced a more efficient version of the Maximizer (known as the Coolmax) with an efficiency of up to or over 99%. This higher efficiency resulted in lower heat production, enabling the new controller to be smaller and lighter than before.

By 2011, the company had developed more than 40 different models of controllers for use in renewable energy systems.


Australian Energy Research Laboratories Pty Ltd

40 Greenbank Drive,

Glenhaven NSW 2156


Product Details

Charge Controllers - A range of MPPT solar charge controllers capable of handling up to 60A, with built in data logging (storing 12 months worth of data) and remote monitoring facility, with an option for 19" rack mounting.

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